Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling

While the completed project is generally above ground, the project starts below it. At B & B Supply, Inc., we know that the conditions below the surface are as critical and complex as the structures that sit atop it. These sub-surface conditions can significantly impact the scope of your project’s design, budget and schedule.

  • PVC Well Casing & Screen
  • Stainless Screen & Casing
  • Safety Clamps-Kwik Clamps
  • Monuments & Manholes
  • Drilling Muds and Fluids
  • Drill Mud Mixing and Measuring Equipment
  • Augers, Bits, & Tooling
  • Drill Rod
  • Sampling Equipment
  • Silica Sand
  • Thread Compound
  • Breakout Tooling

Having the right equipment to investigate and then navigate these conditions is essential to maintaining an efficient, safe, and cost-effective project.

B & B Supply is fully equipped with augers, bits, tooling and other equipment to accommodate whatever techniques of drilling methods are required for your project.